Subscription Agreement Form

I voluntarily express my interest in being a member of Gubat St. Anthony Cooperative (GSAC) and shall abide by the existing policies, rules, and regulations of being a member.

Furthermore, I adhere and pledge to the following:

    • To comply with the provisions of the Articles of Cooperative, By-Laws, and policies set by the Board of Directors, the General Assembly, as well as acts of duly constituted authorities.
    • To attend the Annual and Special General Assembly meetings, including other membership meetings.
    • To subscribe at least forty (40) common shares.
    • To pay the minimum requirement of ten (10) shares upon approval of membership and the remaining balance within 2 years from the date of membership.
    • To signify my intention and voluntary decision to transfer my membership from Associate to Regular upon reaching 2 years from the date of membership, once all the necessary requirements are submitted and all statutory contributions are paid. (for Associate Members only)
    • To support and participate in the Capital Build-Up (CBU) scheme of the cooperative for its internal fund generation.