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GSAC Advisory

NEW INTEREST RATE for the GSAC Special Savings Programs  (Education Savings & Retirement Savings) effective AUGUST 1, 2023. Interest earned shall now be credited to the regular savings account of the depositor. Open your Special Savings Account and start earning more today!

*Terms and Conditions apply
*New interest rate effective: August 1, 2023

Introducing the Lab Coop

GSAC Laboratory Cooperative is a cooperative for those who are
a GSAC Aflatoun member. Lab Coop conducts social and financial literacy trainings, workshops, seminars, and activities.

Time Deposit

Time Deposits are another important source of funds for operations. People with excess funds that will not be used over a considerable period of time want to minimize the erosion of the value of their savings brought about by inflation.

Damayan II

Damayan is an institutionalized “abuluyan” system in the organization to serve the members from “womb to tomb”


A social and financial education for children ages 3-17 years old. It started in GSAC last November 2011 through the NATCCO (National Confederation of Cooperatives) and in partnership with the Department of Education (DepEd)

P20 initial deposit

4% p.a. interest rate is effective when savings reach a minimum of P200


Savings account purposely for education.

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