DepEd Automatic Payroll Deduction Salary Loan

As public school teachers and non-teaching personnel play a vital role in shaping the future of our nation, it is crucial to support their financial needs and well-being. We introduce the DEPED-APDS, a specialized loan product offered by GSAC exclusively for individuals employed under the Department of Education. This loan program provides convenient repayment options through the DepEd Automatic Payroll Deduction System, ensuring ease and efficiency. Read on to discover the requirements and benefits of DEPED-APDS for both existing GSAC members and prospective ones.

With a focus on ease of repayment and attractive interest rates, this loan program aims to alleviate financial burdens and enhance the well-being of those working in the education sector.

Interest: 7.5% p.a.
Term of loan: Max. of 36 months
Mode of Payment: Monthly

If you are already a member of GSAC, the following requirements are necessary to apply for DEPED-APDS:

    • Loan Application Form: Complete the loan application form, providing accurate and up-to-date information.
    • Latest original payslip

If you are not currently a GSAC member but wish to avail yourself of DEPED-APDS, the following requirements must be fulfilled:

    • Membership Requirements: Complete the necessary membership requirements to become a GSAC member. Contact GSAC or visit the website for detailed instructions on how to become a member.
    • Loan Application Form: Fill out the loan application form, providing all required information accurately.
    • Latest original payslip
    • Service Record: Submit your service record, which serves as proof of your employment in the education sector.
    • 2 pcs. 1×1 ID Picture: For identification and documentation purposes.
    • Barangay clearance
    • Community Tax Certificate (Cedula)

Take advantage of this opportunity today to achieve financial stability and enhance your overall well-being.