GSAC 57th General Assembly Goes Virtual​

Mixed feelings will surely be felt by most of GSAC Member/Owners on its upcoming 57th Annual General Assembly Meeting on March 28, 2021.The significant annual event will be virtually attended by members in good standing. Historically, this is the first time ever that the coop will hold the GA in a different platform scale among its members. This will set a very momentous episode in the existence of GSAC. Since COVID-19 is still uncertain to fade away this year. virtual meeting is the main option by the Board of Directors & Top Management to exercise the CDA mandatory assembly meeting for cooperatives.

Election Committee composed of Mr. Emerson Eresmas (Committee Chairman), Ms. Leny Codon (Committee Vice-Chair) & Mr. Ramon Esparas (Committee Secretary) in collaboration with I.T. Department & Office of the Secretariat, spearheaded the crafting & formulation of the electronic procedures for ONLINE registration.

On the other hand, for those members in the far-flung barangays with poor or no Internet signals and do not have available communication gadget, the Elecom provided for a Physical registration. Both on-line and physical registrations had been clustered by surname with corresponding designated dates of registration. Virtual GA meeting procedures, notices and announcements are posted in conspicuous places at GSAC Home Office and Branches where it is accessible to members to read.

Membership & Marketing Departments, through its Social Media Specialist, posted the same advisories at GSAC’s Facebook page account (Gubat St. Anthony Cooperative — GSAC) and boosted post to reach more members active in social media platform. Members of Gubat Main and nearby municipalities can witness the virtual GA meeting on their household TV Screen via Halum Cable TV.

There will be no election for Board of Directors for this year since the new set of BODs who were elected last year will now assume and convene to perform their duties and responsibilities. It will be recalled that due to the on-set of the pandemic, first quarter last year, CDA issued a memorandum circular no. 2020-03 inconsonance with Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) which indefinitely postponed the conduct of GA of all types and categories of registered cooperatives. This hindered the completion of GSAC clustered face-to-face GA. The term of elected officers ending in CY 2020 was extended. They shall serve on a hold-over capacity until the conduct of the next regular assembly meeting.