Agri Department Staff Attends Online Intensive Beekeeping Training

Rebecca E. Espenida
Dennis L. Codon

Online Intensive Beekeeping Training GSAC has been vigorous in looking for numerous services to offer to our farmer-members. Thru these services we can help our farmer-members in our mission to contribute to the sustainable development of the community and the environment. One of these services is Beekeep­ing. We started to engage in the production of Stingless Bees (kiwot) last year and is continu­ously looking for ways to improve our own practices through research and trainings.

Several staff from the Agri Depart­ment attended the Online Inten­sive Beekeeping Training conducted by the UPLB BEE PRO­GRAM last Jan. 25-28, 2021. It was also participated by interested individuals from Cavite, Pasig City Baguio City, Quezon Province and Zambales.

Topics discussed in the 4-day training were:

    • Importance of Bees and Beekeeping
    • Bee Biology and Behavior
    • Bee Pests and Diseases
    • Bee Pasture and Pollination
    • Bee Genetics
    • Principles of Queen Rearing
    • Apitherapy
    • Seasonal Management
    • Economics of Beekeeping
    • Determination of Honey

Authenticity Principles of Bee Product Processing speakers were from the National Center of Excellence for Bee Research and Development of UPLB. It was spearheaded by Dr. Cleofas R. Cervancia, Professor Emeritus of UPLB and President of Apimondia Regional Commission for Asia.

Majority of the Participants were interested in Beekeeping business or want to engage in beekeeping because of the income that they will get from honey, bee colonies, other by-products and tourism. But throughout the course of the train-Mg, we learned that beekeeping has a big role in our environment because of Pollination. Plants/trees in areas where there are bees are far more productive than those without bees roaming around the area.

The topics discussed were very important to us. We learned a lot in the proper care and management of bees. It also helps us in the proper timing of splitting our colonies and collection of honey as the main product of bees. Through this train­ing, we learned to massage our expenses and minimize losses. Also discussed in the training is the Apitherapy where the importance of Propolis as medicine to the wound and other diseases were discussed. Apitherapy is a type of alternative therapy that uses prod­ucts that come directly from honey­bees. it is used to great illnesses and their symptoms as well as pain from acute and chronic injuries.

Part of the training is the hands-on/practicum which was supposed to be held at the Project Bee Inspired Farm, Sirang Lupa, Calamba City, Laguna. Activities in the practicum includes Beekeeping Etiquette, Seasonal Management, Honey Analysis, and Product Processing. But due to the pandemic we were not able to attend the said practicum. Hopefully we can attend in their next schedule.

As a whole, Online Intensive Beekeeping training is very mean­ingful and useful to us. We learned a lot from the knowledgeable speak­ers, and now we can adopt those !earnings we received from them.