About Us

GSAC is a multipurpose cooperative founded on April 8, 1964 with the aim to empower and uplift the lives of its members. It started with 30 member-incorporators and a capital of Php 222.00. Today, GSAC is LARGEST COOPERATIVE in the Bicol Region with a membership base of more than 30,000 and an asset of more than Php 2.8 Billion.

We operate a total of 14 branches located within the Provinces of Sorsogon, Albay, Camarines Sur and Northern Samar. Aside from our banking services, GSAC also has allied services for its members — Farm Level Grain Center (FLGC), Mini Mart, Pharmacy, Diagnostic Center, Insurance, Agri Services for Cacao, Carabao, Vermiculture, Organic Vegetables, etc..

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The leading and sustainable cooperative of empowered members.


GSAC is committed to enhance the socio-economic and spiritual condition of its members and the community by providing quality financial products and allied services.


The GSAC Logo.

Each circle symbolizes a fundamental pillar of GSAC—Credit, Allied, and Medical. These pillars embody our unwavering dedication to providing comprehensive financial services, fostering collaboration across disciplines, and delivering exceptional medical care. Together, they form the bedrock of our organization, shaping our identity and driving our mission forward.

The outer strokes resemble huddling figures, conveys the essence of cooperation. It serves as a visual metaphor for the collective strength that emerges when like-minded individuals come together, working in unison to achieve GSAC's goals. This stroke represents the very fabric of GSAC—an interconnected network of individuals united by a shared vision.

Our Core Values

Good Governance

We uphold the confidence of our membership and the community through ethical decision-making, transparency, and a deep sense of accountability.


We commit to serve the interest of our members which shall have priority over all other circumstances.


We institutionalize service quality improvement to respond to the changing circumstances or environment.

Commitment to Excellence

We strive for improvement of our skills and competence to deliver the highest quality of service to our members.​


The story and history of our beloved cooperative.

  • April 8, 1964​

    Msgr. Arnulfo S. Arcilla, bishop of Sorsogon, wanted so much to introduce the Credit Union in all parishes in his diocese. He invited one extension worker from the Knights of Columbus, Community Services. Bro. Augusto C. Mier, the soft-spoken, persuasive, knowledgeable of the Credit Union movement was sent from Bishop Arcilla, he received the tall order to “cooperativize” the parishes of Sorsogon. For his effort and genuine enthusiasm, he was dubbed, “THE SEED SOWER”. In Gubat, Bro. Mier met Fr. Magencio (later Msgr. Rey) with a group of his parishioners who shared the same enthusiasm to give the cooperative movement a try. With lectures alternating with FOR A, thirty people from the group were ready and they decided to form the first Credit Union in the province of Sorsogon. On the fateful day of April 8, 1964, the founders elected among themselves five Board of Directors and 3 members each for the Supervisory and Credit Committees. During the Inaugural meeting at about 11:15 p.m. on the night of April 8, the founders agreed a pledge of P50.00 each as soon as possible. Barely three days after Mr. Mario Esteves, Treasurer had a cash on hand of P222 which became the starting capital for a lending business and the cooperative was fondly called the “Triple Two”. Ten days after with God’s help and with St. Anthony as pipeline of His graces, all went well.


    Fr. Rey, elected Vice President, dubbed the “FATHER” of the Gubat St. Anthony Cooperative Credit Union busied himself in massive member recruitment. Together with the FOUNDERS, their by word “Entra na sa Cooperativa, sa deposito mo doble an mauutang mo”, the double your money scheme succeeded and at year end, December 31, 1964, there were 152 members. The triple two capital was raised to P9,475 and a net surplus of P743.48 was realized. The GSACCU was registered with the Cooperative Administration Office (CAO) on April 24, 1964, under Certificate No. 000937 and on June 17, 1975 it was re registered as a Kilusang Bayan with Certificate No. FF151RR.

  • 1965

    Officers served “gratis et amore” at the start, except for the Treasurer who was given P50 per month nominal compensation in 1965. The upward trend of the operation of GSACCU was marred by the havoc wrought by Typhoon Welming on November 3-4, 1967, by Typhoon Dinang on December 25, 1981 and the twin typhoons “ Herming and Sisang”, In 1987 the latter visited Gubat barely three months apart. Welming was the strongest of the four and it nearly toppled the toddler cooperative had it not been for the firm determination of the officers and the members to carry on. Welming gave the cooperative the first taste of delinquency which persists even to this day despite the different preventive and curative measures, the Board and the management have applied. However, the difficulties left in the wake of the typhoons can be considered blessings in disguise for the difficulties and hardships created seasoned leaders ready to meet problems head on. For 24 years, GSACCU pursued the single-line service (credit only) and proved to all and sundry that cooperative can survive by relying on its own institutional capital. As years wore on, however, the members made greater demands. Recognizing the validity of their claims, GSACCU turned multipurpose.

  • 1970

    More or less six years of existence, GSAC was housed in four different places; The Dote Building, the residence of Treasurer Mario Esteves, the Gubat Supermarket and the St. Anthony Parish Rectory, then occupied by St. Anthony Academy and vacated in 1968 when the SAA’s new building was constructed. In all these years, the officers and members have to contend with a cramp space until in 1970, A building of its own was constructed on a lot owned by the church leased to the cooperative at a very meager amount.

  • 1971

    On June 12, 1971 on the eve of the Gubat town fiesta the cooperative moved to the newly blessed coop building. The continuous growth in assets and membership, again necessitated a bigger space.

  • 1999

    In December of 1999, the ground breaking and construction work for, a four-storey building began, Now, it stands aloof as a monument of true and genuine cooperation and untarnished leadership. The first level housed the coop’s appliance center and coop mart, the ATM service and a one-door Internet Café is rented by a coop member. The second level houses the office of the Loaning Section; the third houses, the Board room and a 5-room hostel; the fourth is an spacious Founders Hall suited for conferences, wedding receptions, debut and other parties. The last level is a multipurpose hall. In its fifty-six years, GSAC had received various generous recognitions and citations from government and non-government entities (certificates, plaques, trophies) All these we cherish because they gave us inspiration to do more. In God’s expansive cooperative vineyard workers are few.

Today, GSAC has established 14 branches and 3 satellite offices.

Hopefully, the members in these branches will augment the needed stewards in order to achieve a more bountiful harvest in financial as well as human developments.